The New Standard of Covid-19 Testing

The New Standard
of Testing

AxialHealth COVID-19 Saliva Rapid Test is designed in UK and assembled in Malaysia. Our test kits are more sensitive than other rapid antigen tests, as it is able to pick up the presence of the virus even in a small sample.

Children and Senior Friendly

We believe that frequent testing is the key towards getting back to a normal life. That’s why in AxialHealth, we designed our saliva tests to be as comfortable and user-friendly as possible.

Vpass Compatible

Our saliva test kit is compatible with Vpass, a comprehensive AI powered test, track and trace application to support your COVID-19 testing. It is a total solution that goes beyond Covid-19 infection detection. 


Patented Testing Technology to Authenticate the Accuracy of COVID-19 Test

> 99%

More Comfortable

Experience pain-free, easy to use “lollipop” saliva swap, creates a stress-free testing experience for users.


RM 19.80

Per Test Kit

Your health is worth paying for because AxialHealth test kit is specially designed to detect and work against all kind of COVID-19 viruses.

Please CONTACT US for large quantity order.


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