Leader in Health Technology

Innovation through crisis at Oxford Science Park, UK


Axial Health Malaysia, a subsidiary of Axial Health UK, is an online pharmacy and personal health services that provides AI-driven solutions for personal healthcare. As the pandemic rages on, we became a company that is solely focused on improving health outcomes for all. While millions can’t access the care they need, we are here to help improve and save lives through the use of our technology and solutions. Axial Health ensures customers gain easier access to healthcare, wellness and personal care products. By leveraging today’s technology, users can benefit from our on-demand pharmacy services.

Our Mission & Vision

Our deep industry experience in health, our advanced technology solutions including options for AI, data and analytics, and our reputation for trust and security—enables Axial to support organizations or become more efficient, resilient and robust institutions that can deliver on their mission for their communities.

How We Start

Axial Health is a company ventured by Skymind to tackle COVID-19 pandemic globally in 2020. 

Battling COVID-19

Axial Health solutions are designed specifically to address the medical challenges of the pandemic, and have been vital to helping doctors diagnose patients battling COVID-19 swiftly and efficiently globally.