Vpass App

Vpass enables you to record and share your COVID-19 screening result with your friend and families. It is a comprehensive AI powered test and track app to support your COVID-19 testing, and a total solution that goes beyond Covid-19 infection detection. 

With Vpass, you can present proof that you were tested negative for COVID-19 using our Saliva Rapid Test kit.

Through the Vpass app, companies across all verticals can create a Vpass Safe Bubble for their premises and common public areas by using the Vpass solution to: 

  • Facilitate Covid-19 self-testing every other day,
  • Have employees and visitors carry a negative Vpass digital certificate on the mobile phone and,
  • Verify Covid-19 status in real-time

Vpass status

A color-coded Vpass indicated the test result will be generated upon the completion of the test.

trusted result

Every single test cassette of Axial Health test kit has the unique ID for irreplicable result generation.


Every test result are verified by a comprehensive machine learning algorithm.


The test records are encrypted and available only to you and those whom you choose to share them with.

The Key to Getting Back to Normal

Via a mobile app and a dashboard in the back-end, the tamper-proof technology confirms user Covid-19 status – either positive or negative – and assigns a health pass that helps enterprises and businesses effectively track employee health codes, and plan and manage work schedules/ assignments accordingly.